Educational Objectives

Computer plays an essential role today from committing business transactions to storing government files or to organizing medical records,

computer technology is at the core. Teachers can utilize computers to complement their classroom teaching,

individuals can deal with their personal matters can be planned, tested and executed on computers, and doctors can even use the internet to diagnose diseases.


We depend on computers for nearly everything. This development in the world of technology not only has given birth to the urgent need for computer experts in every profession,

but also the science park of every area is established in succession.  A 2-year curriculum was established at the Department of Computer Science and Information Management in August,

1997 and it was reformed on a 4-year basis in 2001. The Department works toward providing its graduates with more than sufficient knowledge to work as technicians or engineers in the field of computer science.


Curriculum Description 

The Department of Computer Science and Information Management offers courses on business automation and in connection with the university's strong medical background,

healthcare-related programs as well. Our graduates are well-trained in a variety of areas and therefore appropriately prepared to compete for coveted positions in any job market.

Every student in the program is required to complete a project before graduation, with direct supervision by a faculty member. Project topics fall in the categories of: Digital Content ,

Silver-haired race medical care system, statistics Data analyze, Apply Radio Frequency Identification , and Picture Archiving and diagnosis System.


Future Developmental Goals

The department expects our graduates to obtain professional knowledge as well as the practical skills for the world of computer technology.

We therefore encourage our students to acquire professional technical certifications either before or after graduation.

The department is in constant cooperation with industrial and business firms and invites experienced professionals to communicate with students for an assortment of inquiries,

including job-related opportunities. In this way, students are well-prepared to enter the job market and are confident about their choices.


The department aims to train students to think on their feet, using a system of constant self-learning and reflection's concept that results in life-long learning as well.

In addition, the 21st century is the era of information explosion, the more important thing is that trains students to absorb the ability of the new knowledge,

has grasped the edge toll which absorbs information in information management.  Students are expected to be well trained and informative so as to be competitive and competent in a high-tech world.


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